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If commercial collections are an important part of your business, then we are the Wright list for you.


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What Should Lawyers Know About Wright Holmes?


Why Do Listees Choose Wright Holmes?

Commercial collections is our specialty, representing 90 percent of our business. Wright Holmes focuses on commercial collections agencies, creditors' rights attorneys, and the leasing and financial industries. When collections professionals are looking for an attorney to handle a commercial matter, they know that Wright Holmes is the best place to start. If commercial collections are an important part of your business, then we are the Wright directory for you.

At Wright Holmes, we are committed to our lawyers and pride ourselves on personalized service. We actively promote our lawyers to forwarders and have developed a program to feature new Wright Holmes listees. Moreover, we made a decision to limit the number of listings in each city. For each of our listees, this means thoughtful service and better odds of obtaining new business.

Who's in Wright Holmes Law List?

Approximately 1,200 experienced collection lawyers throughout the U.S., Canada and 24 other countries are currently listed. Although most maintain general business practices, nearly all have a specialty in commercial collections.

Why Do 9 Out of 10 Wright Holmes Listees Renew Their Contracts Each Year?

We purposely limit the number of our listees in each city so that we know each one well. Our referral sources trust us to recommend the right firm for the job, a deliberate match that benefits all parties and bodes well for future business. Our high renewal rate is solid evidence of our track record of results. Our firms renew because Wright Holmes helps their businesses grow.

Who Uses Wright Holmes?

Our comprehensive print edition is circulated for free to several thousand important sources of business. Our forwarders include virtually every commercial collection agency in the U.S. and Canada, as well as banks, commercial agencies, financial institutions, attorneys and many others who regularly need out-of-town debt collection help.

Rates: What Do I Charge?

Contingent Fees - The rate you charge clients who come to you through Wright Holmes is entirely between you and the client. However, most do expect to be charged on a contingent basis prior to suit. Contingent rates average 25%. Suit Fees - When filing suit, the client expects to pay additional fees. A suit fee of seven to ten per cent is usually charged in addition to the regular contingent fees. Some or all of this fee is paid in advance with any balance of the suit fee being contingent on collection.

Court Costs - The client advances all costs necessary for suit, filing fees, sheriff’s fees, service of summons, etc.

How Do I Get Started?

For details on a listing in your area, send us your contact info and the best way to reach you.

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